What is the Average Dental Employee Hourly Wage or Yearly Salary in Akron, Ohio?

Whether you recently graduated and are looking for your first dental job, you’re experienced and looking for a dental career move, or you want a temporary position at a new dental practice, money matters! Dental offices in Akron, Ohio are hiring but you want to find the right fit to make sure you earn enough to afford your lifestyle. If you’re a new employee, a part-time, or in a temporary position at a dental practice, your employment is likely an hourly wage. If you’re in a full-time dental position or have more experience, you can earn a yearly salary. Now, you will likely want to negotiate your dental salary, but below gives a good starting point of what you can expect to get paid for dental office work.


Average Employed, Hourly Wages, and Salaries at Akron, Ohio Dental Offices

These statistics are from salary.com and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Ohio Dental Wages and Salaries by City