Full Time Dental Hygienist

Benefits of Being a Full-Time Dental Hygienist

Full Time Dental Hygienist

What Are the Benefits of Being a Full-Time Dental Hygienist

There are currently over 200,000 dental hygienists working in the United States. The field is growing at a rapid pace, too (much faster than the country’s average).

Have you been thinking about working as a dental hygienist? Are you on the fence about seeking a part-time or full-time career?

If so, keep reading. Outlined below are some of the top benefits of being a full-time dental hygienist.


Are you just getting started with your dental career? Are you returning to work after taking a long break?

In either case, working as a full-time dental hygienist makes it easier to gain experience. When you spend 40 hours per week working with patients, you’ll have an easier time perfecting your techniques, building relationships with dental assistants, and connecting with patients.


If you have experience working full-time in the dental hygiene field, you may have an easier time getting hired by other practices in the future, too.

Let’s say you move to a new town and need to find a new dental hygienist job. If the practice sees that you’re comfortable working full-time, they might be more inclined to hire you because they know you can handle their patient volume.

Health Insurance

If you work full-time as a dental hygienist, you’ll qualify for health insurance from your employer.

Every practice offers different healthcare benefits, but many hygienists find that they receive great healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. This, alone, is a good reason for lots of people to choose full-time over part-time work.

Employee Retirement Plans

Fifteen percent of Americans don’t have anything saved for retirement. Many more are behind schedule when it comes to saving for the future.

If you can find a full-time hygienist job, you may have an easier time saving for retirement. This is especially true if your employer offers additional benefits like 401(k) contribution matching.

Vacation Time

Full-time employees often get to enjoy paid vacations each year. The specific amount of vacation days varies from practice to practice, but the average in the United States ranges from 15-20 (it typically depends on the number of years worked at the company).

Paid Time Off

Finally, we can’t forget about paid time off (or PTO for short). In addition to vacation days, you’ll also get a certain number of PTO days as a full-time employee. This gives you a chance to take some time away when needed without having to worry about how you’re going to manage with a smaller paycheck. Not to mention how great the average salary is for a dental hygienist!

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