dental office talent

How to Attract Qualified Dental Office Talent to My Practice

dental office talent

Attract the Best Employees to Your Dental Office

When you’re a busy dental practice employer, it’s hard to find the time to recruit and hire employees. It can be even more difficult to recruit the best of the best.

Did you know that each unfilled position on your team can cost your company several thousand dollars? That’s why you need to attract the best dental office talent as quickly as possible.

Below are many proven ways to attract and retain the right employees to your practice.

Dental Practice Employers Should Consult Current Employees

Your employees have stuck around for years for a reason. They know your business inside and out and can provide valuable input on what it’s truly like to work for your practice. Great people also tend to surround themselves with like-minded professionals.

Talk to your employees and see if they know any qualified individuals looking for a job. You could take it a step further by creating an employee referral program. Doing so will show you value their suggestions and create more hype around finding a potential new member of the team.

Offer Dental Office Talent Competitive Benefits

Nothing makes dental office talent steer clear of a business like poor benefits. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering a variety of packages that are all enticing and provide value.

Employees now come to expect healthcare, paid time off, and a retirement plan. However, it’s best to offer more than just the basics.

Find new ways to attract and keep employees. Consider adding flexible work hours, continuing education stipends, and bonuses for holidays or hitting work milestones.

Take Advantage of Resources Available

To ensure you recruit the best dental office talent possible, you might consider hiring a professional recruiting agency dedicated to helping dental office employers. You need the right applicants for the right positions, at the right time. However, hiring a recruiting agency can be mean more unnecessary expenses when the tools you need to hire dental professionals are at your fingertips.

Dental Career Connect can act as a dental office’s best friend because users have access to a wide variety of suitable candidates. Our chatbot makes it simple to find promising new team members to hire at your dental office. Our chatbot process can fine-tune your search to discover the qualified professionals you need. Those professionals will be more likely to fit seamlessly into your company’s culture because of our dental job candidate matching technology.

Emphasize Work-Life Balance and Positive Company Culture

Show your employees you care by offering options to balance work and life. These can be as simple as adding vacation time, maternity/paternity leave, and paid sick leave to your benefits plan.

Find simple ways to foster a positive and welcoming environment. This will allow your employees to look forward to their time at work and they will tell other professionals about the perks they enjoy.

Go the extra mile by discovering your employees’ professional goals. Offer mentorship programs and learning stipends to ensure they can keep pushing forward in their careers. Any help they can get from a new employer will always contribute to a happy and healthy workplace that everyone wants to join.

Which Tips Will You Implement Into Your Strategy?

A dental practice employer can easily create a workplace that potential employees are competing to enter. It shouldn’t be difficult to recruit promising new dental office talent. Sometimes, it just takes help from the right source.

Contact us to see how you can find the best employee for your dental office today.