Dental Office Manager

How to Hire the Right Dental Office Manager

Dental Office Manager

Find the Right Dental Office Manager

Depending on how many patients they have, a dentist’s typical workday is 7 to 10 hours long. If there are any dental emergencies, then their working hours might be even longer.

No matter how many hours you work, you’ll want a competent dental office manager upfront handling everything. Otherwise, if things fall apart, your work life can be very difficult.

When hiring a dental office manager, it’s important to find a good fit. Read on to find out more about hiring a good dental office manager!

What to Look For in a Dental Office Manager

A good dental office manager should have at least 5 years of dental management experience. This means they’ve had enough time to figure out what sort of management style works for different settings.

Also, because they have to handle patient files, they should also be adept at billing and insurance protocols. Otherwise, not only do you risk your office falling apart, but also legal action against you.

Dental office managers should also be good with computers (including their programs such as MS Office software) and multitasking, as they’ll be in charge of multiple things in your office.

Lastly, they should also have good leadership skills. They should also be good with customer service since they’ll have patient-facing duties.

How to Know Someone’s a Good Fit

Someone might look good on paper, but you never know if they’re a good fit at your dental office until you get them in for an interview.

If they seem friendly and approachable, then that’s a good sign already! Having positive people around your dental office is key to having good work culture.

On the other hand, if they seem apathetic or even on edge and aggressive, those are huge red flags. It indicates that they either won’t take the job seriously or will be abrasive with patients and employees, which will turn them away from your practice.

Also, someone who shows up early for their interview displays eagerness, organization, and responsibility. A major red flag is if a candidate shows up late or not at all.

Take note of how they answer interview questions and what questions they ask themselves. If they show a genuine interest and passion for dental office manager duties, you’ll know you have a keeper on your hands!

Get Outside Help When Looking for a Dental Office Manager

Searching for a dental office manager on your own can be tough. Not only do you have to put out job applications, but then you need to sift through them, pick out the good applicants, interview them, then potentially hire them.

Cut out some of that dental office hiring work by using outside help from companies like Dental Career Connect. We help dental offices by connecting them with dental office managers in their local areas!

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