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How to Improve the Hiring Process at Your Dental Practice

dental practice

How to Improve the Hiring Process at Your Dental Practice

Running an amazing dental practice happens one hiring decision at a time. Everyone from dentists and dental hygienists to receptionists and custodians makes a difference in how your company operates.

By refining your techniques and practices for building the right team, your facility will function more efficiently. So what should you do to tweak your hiring practices? We’ve got you covered.

Consider the following points to make sure you’re getting the best from your dental practice.

Think About the Culture and Standards of Your Practice First

Building a strong company culture is one of the most important aspects of running any kind of business. There are several professionals out there that have impeccable skills and sharp resumes, but it’s a lot rarer to find the perfect fit for your practice.

This means finding professionals that, in addition to being skilled, are personable, cooperative, friendly, team players, good communicators, and aligned with your practice’s vision. To find the right fit, you have to first establish the core values of your practice and make them plain. You want to keep a positive office culture in your dental practice.

This way, you can keep your eye on what’s important every time you make a hire. What’s more, you can keep your employees accountable to this mission each and every day. Carve your dental practice mission statement and put it in writing so that there’s no question about it as you move forward.

Build Your Network of Dental Professionals

When you have a powerful network, the sky is the limit. Stay in frequent contact with oral health professionals all over and exchange notes on how they do business. When you have a strong network, they can send potential employees your way whenever it’s time for you to make a hiring decision.

You can also strengthen your network by regularly going out to dental networking seminars and events that keep you sharp and allow you to build your professional database.

Be Thorough About the Hiring and Interview Process

It’s also easier to make the best hires when you have a concrete hiring and interview process. Your candidates should go through multiple rounds of interviews, and you should have multiple people in your practice weighing in on who is the best fit.

Take the time to learn as much as you can about your candidates. Learn about their dental career options and goals and how working at your practice fits in. Look at the hire holistically and not just about the skills that they bring to the table. You’ll be spending several hours per week with whoever you bring into your practice, so they should also be someone you enjoy spending time around.

Build the Best Possible Dental Practice

The tips above explain how you can build an amazing dental practice, one hiring decision at a time. This will carry your company into the future and allow you to provide the best oral health care to your area.

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