Dental Health and Hygiene

Promoting Dental Health and Hygiene in Your Dental Practice

Dental Health and Hygiene

Are You Promoting Dental Health and Hygiene in Your Dental Practice?

Only 65% of American adults have visited the dentist in the last year. Yet 85% of Americans believe dental health and hygiene are important.

So how can you promote dental health at your practice when so many individuals are choosing not to go? It starts with the ones who are showing up.

Keep reading to learn different ways to promote oral health within your dental practice!

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Because dentist offices are typically a high-paced environment, keeping up with the technology of the times is crucial to the success of your business. In this case, it will determine how well you promote dental health and hygiene.

Social Media

If you need to up your digital marketing strategy game, the first place you should start is by creating a social media presence. You will not only establish a presence in your community, but you’re also able to build relationships with existing patients. From there, you can find more patients and grow your practice.

When posting on social media, you can choose what you post. You can advertise for dental assistant positions, share patient photos (with permission), or even provide fun facts about dental health and hygiene. Establishing a social media presence gives you endless options!

Appointment Reminders

If one of your goals is to improve oral health, you need to make sure patients step foot in your office.

Sending postcards, emails, text messages, or another form of a reminder will remind patients of important appointments coming up. You can also take it one step further and remind patients to schedule appointments when they are due for a check-up.

These reminders can drastically improve patient’s dental health since it ensures they are showing up. You are also showing patients that you value them as individuals.

Boost Dental Health and Hygiene Through a Sponsorship

Sponsoring something in your community does more than just helping out a school or community event. It also brings more visibility to your practice. In turn, you are promoting good dental health and also allowing your practice to grow with new patients.

Create a Smile Wall

If you’re looking to spruce up your practice while also keeping it trendy, look no further than creating a smile wall! Putting patient pictures on display will continue to promote dental health at your practice. The patients who are up there will be motivated to continue their hygiene practices, while new patients may strive to be on the wall.

The smile wall can change based on season to promote oral health during all times of the year (especially around holidays)! Before putting someone’s picture on the wall, be sure to get their permission!

Improve Your Practice

Following the tips laid out above will make your dental services top-notch, but it doesn’t need to stop there.

At Dental Career Connect, we want to help you strengthen your practice further to promote dental health and hygiene in your community. Check out our services to make sure you are hiring the best dental assistants and giving patients what they need.